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The world smallest robot dog at desktop

The world smallest robot dog at desktop

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The world smallest desktop robot dog at desktop.

It can make by youself.
It can play Chinese KunFu.
It can walk, can crawl, can jump, can roll, cab boxing and so on.
It can been program by python or scratch (a graphic program tool for children).
It can play games with you by script that you design or download from community.

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  1. Install this robot dog.
  2. Operate the robot to play Chinese KungFu.
  3. Play fighting games with friends who also bought this robot.
  4. Play robot games by script download from comunity.
  5. Create your robot games by ours programming tools, play it and share it with others.


Installation manual

We provide paper manual with our product.



Height: 2.8 inches(7.2cm), Width 3.15 inches(8.0cm), Length: 3.58 inches(9.1cm)


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